In a global era of energy, chemical and industrial transition, the stakes are changing and innovation becomes unavoidable.

ONYM Group

The reason for being

Companies often need a pilot and strategist to continually update themselves. Today, it is certain that the transition from the exhaustible resource model to the renewable resource will be done through technologies and processes over several years. ONYM Group has the best solutions to build a healthy economy while putting people forward.
In general, emerging project management is very complex and requires several resources. As you can see in entreprise, in this context of integration, several actors do not interact together. That’s why we have assembled for you a pilot group with experience and a comprehensive network of multidisciplinary resources to better manage the transition process.

Expertise and skills

Two of the co-founders, Mustapha Ouyed and Yvon Nadeau, have, over the past 5 years, provided consulting services and developed projects using renewable resources and emerging technologies and equipment.

The partners accumulate several years of experience in their respective fields. Thus, their grouping makes it possible to o ff er a unique and attractive business model.


The meeting of a group of experts in the same company is the leader of efficient solutions


We will provide equipment that aligns with respect for natural principles


Anticipate transition and clean up chemistry and energy


To better assess the conditions for a smooth transition through intelligence, knowledge and close partnership developed by « a new technology platform »


Our mission is to design technological solutions and equipment for a clientele that is committed to responsible biosourced production, climate change and sustainable development.

Business goals

Offering a broad range of services and technology platforms.
Market, manufacture and distribute quality equipment including pyrolysis, roasting, thermochemical, packaging and other complementary equipment that will serve the climate challenge, sustainable development and human health.

Know more

Innovation at the heart of development

Working method

  • Listening and anticipating
  • Repeating what nature already does very well
  • Converting issues into sustainable development
  • Integrating projects (specificities and solutions are varied)
  • Accompanying technological progress with economic progress
  • Guiding decision-making affairs
  • Reducing harmful emissions to humans
  • Increasing industrial and social self-sufficiency
  • Breaking out of dependencies on non-renewable resources.


  • Waste
  • Residuals biomass
  • Biochemistry
  • Solid gaseous liquid energies
  • Filtration air water
  • Agriculture
  • Human applications
  • Related fields

Discover the “sustainable” success

We are a project catalyst group in innovation and clean technology


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