Meet our team

Meet our team

Working at ONYM means demonstrating your potential and putting your expertise to use within a socially responsible and engaged company. Your contributions will play a critical role in achieving the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 by offering clean and sustainable alternatives for the planet.

The Management Team

Yvon Nadeau

President and CEO, ONYM Group 

Combining his extensive experience in politics, corporate management, and entrepreneurship over a 35-year career, Yvon Nadeau has worked in various leadership roles across several industries such as natural resources, energy, technology, and regional development. He is a family man and a committed businessman, who knows how to preserve and leverage his experiences and relationships for the benefit of ONYM’s mission. His administrative rigour, business acumen in finance, sales, marketing, and administration allow him to build the necessary solid foundations for a company that will play a leading role in the energy transformation. One that meets the needs of the present while ensuring environmental integrity that will contribute to the well-being of future generations.

Mustapha Ouyed

Executive Vice President, ONYM Group 

A member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec with nearly 30 years of experience in managing environmental responsibilities in business, Mustapha Ouyed is recognized as an expert and entrepreneur in environment and renewable energies. His education in environmental engineering from the Polytechnique of Algiers, his involvement on the board of directors of the Conseil Patronal de l’Environnement du Québec (CPEQ) and on the advisory board of the Centre d’Études en Procédés Chimiques du Québec, his participation as a speaker, panellist, and expert in events and debates on greenhouse gas and carbon markets issues, his numerous interviews and publications on the subject, and his presence as a delegate at the United Nations conferences COP 11, 15, 17, and 22, make him an essential reference for all matters related to energy transition in Quebec.

Our team

Julka Cantave, P.Eng.

Process Engineer

Dr. Arunkumar Chandrasekaran

Scientific Advisor
Mitacs Accelerate Postdoctoral Fellow

Laudry Berlioz

Project Manager

Gui Macaia

Maintenance Technician (Electromechanical)

Wilson Pacheco

Electromechanical, Production Supervisor

Fabrice Odjo

Assistant Operator